Wood Carving

         Working with wood provides one with yet another outlet for expression.
            Title: The climb 
          Mediun : Bark 
          28 inches high 
              Wooden High Heels 
              Medium  - Spruce
              Size Seven
 Two Giant Venus Pencils
Medium : Fir and Foil
3.5"x 5ft.

Rock climbers
Bass wood bark

Great place to hide !!
Wooden Mouse
3 inches long

  Willow man 2.5 feet tall
  natural finish

the joy of Christmas trees

Wood Spirit #3

goddess of the Earth

Wood Spirit, Migmwesu

Ukrainian Kossak

Under the sea

Axe want to be 

Jennifer's Purse
Birch carving 
life size 

Birch coffee table

Life size

Gnome house   #1

Wood Spirit #1

Powder Gun 
carved out of Bass wood
Life size

Small Book with opening drawer
Bass wood 

Santa from 9 mile gully 
and My hand crafted Violin

      This is a rendition of a Moose of the North America. It was done out of a solid piece of birch tree, except for the branch.

                  The Climb, Detail
                ELMER'S LEATHER JACKET
                Medium -  Spruce
                Size 40 ( 30 inches )

Medium : Oil painted spruce
6 feet tall

family of three 
Rock Climbers
3 ft tall

Christmas santa
Carved and painted willow
3 ft. tall x  3 inches thick

Wood duck
Drift wood
Found art on a beach 

 The Oucharek Quartet photo , Viola, Cello and two Violins

Jack's hat

                                 Jack's Hat

                                Nine Mile Gully Santa

                                Crusifiction ( Found art )

                                                    Neck tie

           Ladies under garments , 
           Life size

                        Bass wood and drift wood
                        Life size

                                                 Chickadee  Life size

Apr. 28,29 th    


                                         Life size

                                    Gnome House   #2


Wood spirit #2

Wooden "Nick Nail"

Satin Walnut Framed Mirror 
5 feet tall 

Cotton wood Turtle