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Walter Oucharek Art Works

"Art should have an effect on the observer, if it doesn’t, than it lacks purpose and has failed as good art".

"Art has always been an important part of my life. I believe that the world is all eye candy and can be brought to life through paintings and art work that all can enjoy".

"Art does not always have to have obvious meaning, nor does it always have to be beautiful to have value."

Walter Oucharek is a Saskatchewan born artist who resides in Melville, Saskatchewan. He is a retired Art, Biology and Science teacher.

He studied art at the University of Saskatchewan as well as at the University of Regina and is presently a member of the Melville Art Club. He has been involved in the fine arts for the greater part of his entire life.

Walter works in a large variety of art media. Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Stained glass, Stone and wood. As well he builds stringed musical instruments. His art has been featured on "fifteen Minutes of fame, ‘The Artistry of Walter Oucharek’".

Walter’s art can be found throughout North America as well as other countries. His stringed instruments are featured in an annual charity fund-raiser called, "The Oucharek Quartet" which is held at the Melville City Opera Hall.