Stained Glass Works

Bowron lakes stained glass, (Group of 7 Style) designed for Emil & Jeanette , Langley B.C.

These are two stained glass works that I had completed for two residents of Repulse Bay on the Arctic Circle. .

I had spent some time there doing an inservice for teachers at the local school. And was asked by some teachers if I would consider doing these for a young couple that were planning on getting married

Stained Glass windows installed at Matthews Funeral Chapel at Melville Saskatchewan .Six panels that relate to each other. When light strikes the windows the entire mood changes within the building.

The Lilly is the floral emblem of the province of Saskatchewan

This is a stained glass window that I created in appreciation of help to learn how to build Violins . Darren Molnar was my violin building instructor.

The following series of stained glass windows are located at St. Henry's church in Melville Saskatchewan. They were all designed by Walter Oucharek and put together with the help of Tom Durham also of Melville Saskatchewan. The entire project consisted of many hours of work that lasted approximately four years.

This is the living Christ that welcomes all , This series of stained glass windows is located at the enterance of the St. Henry's Church

Ten Commandments.

14. Bishops Clothing.

Eve offers Adam the apple.


Mary and the rosary


Sacrament of Marriage

Noah and the Arc

Parting of the sea

Stylized Mary and Child

Washing of the feet

Preaching in the temple

Easter Eggs , representing life

Jesus welcomes the children

Holy Spirit descends



Crowning with thorns

Christian cross symbol

Christian cross symbol

Burning Bush

Joy of Life

Before the Cock crows !

Jesus feeds the five thousand

Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

Holy Orders

Keys to Heaven

Faith , Hope & Charity.

Easter Candle

48. Presentation in the Temple

Stylized Mary and Child

Jesus prays in the garden

Joseph the Carpenter

51. Jonah and the whale

Earth, Sky, Sea


Alpha & the Omega

Mary & Joseph

Christian cross symbol

Bishop vestments