Water Color

Melville Train Station, Limited edition prints are avaliable , as well as professional Giclee printed on Canvas upon request.

The Melville Train Station is one of a kind in North America. It was constructed in 1908 in honour of Charles Melville Hays. It has now been designated as a Canadian Heritage site.

The Melville Rail Station Heritage Association Inc. is in the process of restoring this piece of Melville's heritage by restoring it to its former glory.

The Water color painting is an attempt to capture a little of the history of our city and country. Limited edition prints of the "mighty Iron Horse" rolling into pick up some passengers produced in an attempt to capture a moment in time.

Black harmony

Flin Flon Manitoba

Ripe tomato

Courtney from PEI

Lady Slippers of the prairies

Oucharek Quartet


Fruit of the Vine

Loons of Saskatchewan

lonely Owl

Pot of nature

City Hall & Post Office , Melville , Saskatchewan

Mikinos, Greece

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Saskatchewan Lady Slippers

My cozy home

Lost letter Melville

Saskatchewan, wild Tiger Lily

Haskins bay

In the style of "Reta"

Rev. Harry Miller Church Melville


Beauty of a rose

Nosora ,Costa Rica

Images of the past.East of Burgis Beach Saskatchewan

Mending Fences , a poem

Broken Memories

Could have been anything !

Nova Scotia Sea gulls

Little Church on the Prairies , Saskatchewan

What used to be

Rode to town

North of the 49th

Beach combers

Qu'appelle Valley

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India ink Musicians

One with Nature

Entering Melville