Wood Carving

American Bittern

This is a rendition of a Moose of the North America. It was done out of a solid piece of birch tree, except for the branch.

Spruce Book With Drawer

The Climb, Detail

Working with wood provides one with yet another outlet for expression.


Medium - Spruce

Size 40 ( 30 inches )

Title: The climb

Medium : Bark , 28 inches


Medium : Oil painted spruce

6 feet tall

Wooden High Heels

Medium - Spruce

Size Seven

family of three

Rock Climbers

3 ft tall

Two Giant Venus Pencils

Medium : Fir and Foil

3.5"x 5ft.

Christmas santa

Carved and painted willow

3 ft. tall x 3 inches thick

Rock climbers

Bass wood bark

Wood duck

Drift wood

Found art on a beach

Great place to hide !!

Wooden Mouse

3 inches long

The Oucharek Quartet photo , Viola, Cello and two Violins

Willow man 2.5 feet tall

natural finish


the joy of Christmas trees

Jack's hat

Jack's Hat

goddess of the Earth

Nine Mile Gully Santa

Wood Spirit, Migmwesu

Crucifixion ( Found art )

Ukrainian Kossak

Neck tie

Under the sea

Ladies under garments,Life size Spruce

Axe want to be


Bass wood and drift wood

Jennifer's Purse

Birch carving

life size

Chickadee Life size

Apr. 28,29 th

Birch coffee table

Bittern , cedar wood



Life size

Gnome House #2

Gnome house #1

Wooden "Nick Nail"

Powder Gun

carved out of Bass wood

Life size

Wood spirit #2

Small Book with opening drawer

Bass wood

back of carved book

Santa from 9 mile gully

and My hand crafted Violin

Satin Walnut Framed Mirror

5 feet tall

Slow Helen's, Battle with an Ass

"Door stop", bass wood

Larger than Life

Toy Challenge !

Owen's Pencil

Koi Fish , entanglement

Sea Turtle ,Material -Fir

Door stop


The beginning of a carved Easter egg

Madonna Easter Egg side 1

Traditional Ukrainian Easter egg (wood)

Sea Turtle